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Alowis Spirit - Callets for you Alowis is das Flämische


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Each drop of alcohol is macerated, distilled and bottled within the borders of the Kingdom of Belgium. The quality is guaranteed, supervised by its inspirers and followers who follow traditional methods.


Alowis is the Flemish derivative of Alois in French or Aloysius in Latin. He was the first generation of liquor makers of today's company and has been an icon throughout the ages. The brand pays tribute to this extraordinarily interesting man and continues his legacy. Three different families have contributed to more than 140 years of pure craftsmanship.

1876 : Alowis starts his small business and starts making liqueurs and vinegars. Fine and sweet liquors are made in his liquor house, and one of the first was a spicy liquor known as Elixir.


2001Luc Waterschoot buys the distillery (VdS).

He keeps working and continues to make the liqueurs that have been made for so long. He focuses heavily on the traditional way of working and improves certain recipes.


As of 2019, "Stokerij VdS" decides to re-launch existing liqueurs under the original name of the spirit house's first founder, Alowis Mertens. By not changing the way liquors are made, they continue to produce liquors as they have been doing for so many years.

VdS has the largest collection of artisan Belgian liqueurs under the brand

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