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The Belgian cocoa makes the perfect connection between all these flavor explosions...

Chocolate and more...


A pleasure for all senses. The first mouthfeel, followed by multiple flavors that come from flavors that are coordinated and fully developed.


Products truffles


Original Belgian truffle based on a pure chocolate-cream filling, refined with a real different filling.


Products Tablets

Mignonette tablets

It can also be a perfect pairing with coffee or tea or just a snack. Either way, Legendary's chocolate gives you great satisfaction.


Products callets 2


A dream in muesli & yogurt | Great decor for lolly pops and cup cakes | Great decor for chocolates and desserts | Something special to snack on | Ideal for a hot chocolate and for atmospheric evenings, parties and winter chocolate delights. The drops are freshly made



Products Coffee Beans


Our master roasters ensure slow and intensive roasting using the traditional art of roasting.


Products Coffee Ground


Our ground coffees have a balanced taste, a delicious smell and allow you to fully enjoy a good cup of coffee.


Products Coffee Caps

coffee capsules

The delicious taste and aroma of flavored coffee in a convenient capsule.


Spirits & Liqueurs

Products Spirit(1)


Two beautiful and unique spirits made from cocoa beans. For those who love!


Products Liqueurs(1)


Distilled, artisanal liqueurs made from cocoa and/or coffee. A wealth of flavors.



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